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An alternative hair removal process. While similar to waxing in it's approach, sugaring merely spreads and removes the hair follicle without irritating the skin itself. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and are looking to reduce the hair removal sensation.



Hair removal and grooming with Buzzers rather than Sugar/Wax that keeps you looking finessed and natural all year round.

Our pricing is based on the amount of time of the service rather than the body part.

$2 a min with services booked at:

15min: Perfect for single focused area sessions. Examples: Chest | Stomach | Crack + Sack | Shoulders | Back | Hands + Feet

30min: Great timeframe for combining two areas or for thicker hair. Examples: Chest + Back | Chest + Stomach | Legs | Arms | Back + Crack + Sack


45min: For even more areas or thicker hair coverage. Examples: Chest + Stomach + Back | Legs + Back | Back + Crack + Sack + Cheeks


60min: For lighter hair coverage, this typically covers a Full Body Sugaring. Even more options for areas to cover. Examples: Full Body (Light Hair) | Back + Legs + Chest | Arms + Legs + Chest